Monday, April 28, 2008

Presenting Kermike the frog
Disneys one and only...snow white...
So here is my lame excuse for not updating our little family blog... I have been working on a school blog for my tech class, and you are welcome to view it if you want, but it was a school blog as if we were going to use it for a real classroom. that one is if you wanted to see it. but now that class is over and we can concentrate on our family blog. So these last couple of weeks have been a little crazy, I finished my three week field experience teaching in the field and had to return to classes, this meant that I had big projects due for each class, multiple projects for some. the next week was finals. luckily I didn't have any comprehensive finals, just more projects that I had to stay up late doing. Im sure Mike is happy to have his wife back from my field experience partner I had to do all my projects with. Now that I am done, Im not quite sure what to do with myself, now Im just working at the college bookstorefor the summer and classes will start up again in august. I am at work right now and so I can't post any pictures, but I have some fun videos to post of mike doing some of his crazy stuff :) I have decided that the way I am going to get Mike to participate in this blog is through a fun thing called gabcast, he will call and record a message thing, and I will post it to the blog! so you can listen to him. I will experiment tonight with it and we will see how it goes.
So some other fun things, we were able to go to a Ben folds concert because we won tickets on the radio, and mikes step brother's band was one of the opening bands so that was a lot of fun!
I don't know how many people know this, but Mike plays the drums in a little band that just plays for fun and they have a couple of gigs coming up if anyone would want to come. One is in may I will have to tell you the date later, I can't remember, but its at the Avalon theater in Salt lake, and the other is at the Orem Summer fest June 13, when I know more about it I will post it!