Thursday, December 31, 2009

another year gone

So I find myself at the end of the year and in a mood of reflection. I can't believe the year is already over, and my baby is over 9 months old. it has been so much fun to watch him learn new things, and amazing to see his personality developing. here are some fun pictures of him

we got these taken the wee before Christmas, and I just love how adorable he looks in all of them, these ones just a small sampling! Its amazing to think that just a short while ago I was not a mother, when now it seems like it is the center focus of my life.

a couple of my favorite moments that we recorded

The first time we were able to catch his laugh on the camera

his way to big coat

afraid of the cow (the camera work is terrible :))

this is my favorite time of the day, when it comes time to feed him. Jeffereson LOVES food, he can't get enough of it, and if you take to long to get it to his mouth he freaks out. when he he gets excited his hands go crazy, and when its time to eat they are going faster than at any other time!! here is my little bird....

Friday, October 23, 2009

I pod Idol

so I have a lot of videos and pictures of Jefferson, but our connector broke so those are coming in a few days, but Joe Thomas recorded this while we were playing a game called I Pod Idol that some girls came up with while I was in China. how it goes like this; you put a blind-fold on and someone picks a song on the Ipod and you put the earphones in and turn it up all the way so you can't see or hear anyone watching you, and the people watching can't hear the song, except for you singing it, its really funny, and this is Michael doing Enrique Iglaseous (sp?) Bialamos. enjoy!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

our Miracle has arrived!!

On Wednesday March 18, 2009 Jefferson Michael Thomas entered the world at 6:42pm. we are so excited to have him as an addition to our family! I was surprised how fast it went! I was in labor for about 6 hours and I only had to push for about 5 minutes. my doctor cheated a little, Jefferson was posterior ( his face was the wrong direction) so he used forceps to flip him over and pull him a little into the birth canal, but he has no marks from the forceps because we have an awesome doctor. Both Michael and I could not stop grinning, it seems almost unreal that this little baby could actually be ours:) but there is no doubt because he looks just like his daddy! he was 8 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches long, so he was a big baby, but not as big as I was expecting! we were in the hospital for a couple of days spending quality time recovering and loving our new little baby. we came home Friday and found out Saturday that he has some jaundice and has to be in a Biliruben bed, so that has been a bit of a challenge because he has to stay in it all the time except to feed and change diapers, but hopefully that will only be needed for a couple of days. my mom has been here for the weekend and has been a huge help with everything and I am so greatful! Our little baby is amazing and its incredible to me how much I love this little boy that I have only known for 4 days! if you want to see more pictures of him click on his picture in this link or I have the link on the side all updated, have fun, he is adorable!!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

the amazing escape artist hamster

So our little family pet hamster ( I can't have a dog yet, so I have to have something!) named Evee, short for evil Canieval (sp?) because she has no fear and will jump off almost anything has lived happily with us for about a year. I usually have the lid off the cage becasue she has never been able to get out and its just easier to get to her and play with her that way. However, the other day I was doing dishes and turned around, and there was my hamster scampering around on the floor. needless to say I was rather surprised and have had the lid on ever since, but the next day I took it off and got the camera, and managed to catch on film exactly how she had done it, I was amazed!

Monday, February 2, 2009

waiting for Baby Jefferson!

My Little Man at about 20 weeks

Hey, I am alive, and hopefully my blog will be too from now on!
Ok a few cool things about being pregnant

#1. Baby showers!
well I had my first baby shower, a combination shower with wendy, and it was so much fun! Elizabeth put it on and I loved it! she also did this adorable scrapbook page and emailed to me, and I hope she doesn't mind that I am going to show it off here!

#2. getting the room ready!
So we are getting ready to paint the nursery in the next week or two. That will be so fun, I will get to start finding a place for everything that I have gotten and actually set up little Jeff's room! hooray! in the meantime I am finding myself in the nesting stage, I feel like I have to clean everything, reorganize everything. Its funny I get this list in my head of all the things I am going to do, and then after doing one of them I am exhausted, its funny how being pregnant makes everything twice as difficult to do, hahaha, but thats ok, Im not going to school so I have time:)

#3 speculating
I find myself wondering what my little kick-boxer is going to be like when he finally gets here a lot lately. I can tell he is going to be an active guy just like his daddy. I also wonder what he will look like and find myself picking out features that I think he will have from me and from mike. so the other day I pulled out brand new baby pictures of me and mike and put them next to each other and that was a lot of fun, so I am going to post the pictures

baby Mike

Baby Annie

any speculations as to what baby Jefferson is going to look like?