Saturday, October 29, 2011

My cute boys

So Jefferson has started showing a lot of attention to Ashton and loving his role as big brother. He always wants to play with him, help feed him, he tries to comfort him when he's crying, or he let's me know he wants to take his baths with Ashton, and he is excellent at bossing Ashton around ( no touching Ashton! ) and Ashton adores every minute Jefferson is paying attention to him, unless a toy has been taken away then a very un- infant like tantrum happens:) here is a video and some pictures to show you what I mean

Thursday, June 9, 2011

family pictures 3 of 3 ( look at all 3!!)

this set is the family ones that I liked, I have narrowed down to these, but I can't decide which one of these Im going to make big to hang on the wall, let me know which is your favorite! numbered 1-6 top to bottom

family pictures part 2 of 3 (look at all three!)

this second one is a few of my favorite of me and Mike, the boys with mom, dad, or each other

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

family pictures 1 of 3 (look at all 3 posts!)

so we got some family pictures done a few weeks ago, and I loved so many of them I am going to post them in a set of three posts, this first one is some of my favorite the individual portraits of the boys.

Monday, April 4, 2011

the many faces of a now 2 year old

Sitting tall (or something like that, and yes that is one of my headbands :) )

Wearer of Large shoes
Lucille Ball
Yoda (for Halloween)
The Awesome scarecrow
Great present opener
Biker Dude
Luke Danes (from Gilmore Girls)
Dog Lover
Loving Big Brother ( yes he is giving Ashton the binky, not taking it away)
And Adorable Toddler!