Wednesday, July 28, 2010

walking and swimming

So this is not brand new news, but I wanted to wait till I could pull the video off the camera. Since our camera connection cord is broken and our computer doesn't have a card reader, I have to borrow a portable usb card reader from Joe and Jennae. Anyway... on July 10 Jefferson took his first steps! it was really cute, in the morning he took his first step when I was playing with him he took a step towards me I think by accident because he seemed really surprised, it was funny. Then later that evening when Mike and I were around he up and took a few steps! It took us till the next night to finally get it on camera, but it was so cute! I think my favorite part of the clip is where he claps for himself at the end!
Another fun thing is that Jennae bought Jefferson a little kiddie pool that is just the right size for him, and he absolutely loves swimming in it! Its so funny, he thinks it is so funny to have water poured over his head, or splashed in his face he just laughs this quirky laugh, I need to catch it on camera but here are a couple of cute swimming pictures, he is such a cutie!